Jubilee. Day 28. 1-28-19

Jubilee from X-Men. Day 28. 1-28-19.

Her super power was that she could shoot out fireworks from her hands ✨⚡️🙌✨⚡️


The Last Guardian. Day 15. 1-15-19

Trico and The Boy from The Last Guardian game. Day 15


Excellent game with a great story of these two characters becoming friends through solving puzzles, fighting armored statues and feeding that big chicken dog some blue ooze barrels that he loves! A very sad ending 😥 but still a great game that has lots of hidden objectives!


Pagan Min. Day 10. 1-10-19

Pagan Min from Far Cry 4. Day 10.

Excellent game and villian! Very funny yet hateable character. If you stayed in the chair at the beginning of the game, you got a secret ending in 10 minutes and a nice trophy. 🏆


“Stop.“ “Shoot.” “Stop.” “Shoot.” Do those words sound the same?”Pagan Min